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3 Dates 3 Months Inc. is a brand new online dating community set to launch this summer.  TheirAmbassador Portia Proper had the chance to speak with us regarding this exciting new dating concept.

What inspired 3 Dates3Months?

Well, our CEO & Founder is like a lot of Single Canadians out there.  She leads a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have a lot of opportunity to meet other singles.  She tried online dating in the past but was disappointed with the results.  She seen a big problem and attributes this problem to how our society lives today.  Our world is run by technology and we are quite often conditioned to throw things away when we are done with them or trade them in for something bigger and better.  With this type of mentality it’s not a surprise to learn that there are a lot of people out there who treat their relationships in the same manner.  That is the biggest problem right there…relationships or lack thereof.

How does the site work?

The 3 Dates 3 Months Concept matches people based on their lifestyle, not a personality test.  It is geared for Relationship Minded people only.  It is meant to help individuals focus on getting to know one person at a time as opposed to serial dating.

The first step is that you are matched with someone who leads a similar lifestyle to you.  This comes down to work schedules and even child custody situations where applicable.  Sports, hobbies, interests and lifestyle choices are next.  Once you are matched, you are free to converse back and forth through messages and then once ready, you can set up a Video Chat.

The exciting part about the Video Chat is that it gives you a chance to see the person face to face.  How many times have people shared stories about meeting someone who looks nothing like their photo?  With the Video Chat, you can see what the person looks like, hear their voice, get a sense of their mannerisms and if all goes well the best part happens next…

If both parties are in agreement, you commit to 3 Dates it’s that easy!  The benefit of committing to3 Dates is that it doesn’t demand too much or too little of a person.  It’s just the right amount of time for two people to really get to know each other and decide from there if they want to pursue something more meaningful…3 Months.

How is your site different from what’s already out there?

The name for our Online Dating Community speaks for itself doesn’t it?  We focus on quality not quantity.  The Virtual Date/Video Chat feature also sets us apart because Members can see who is on the other side of that computer before meeting them.  Once two people decide to commit to the 3 Date Concept, they can focus on the things that really matter without all of the other outside factors.  The common stressors tied in with a “First Date” are diminished because the unknown variables are eliminated.  Questions like, “am I the only one they are seeing?” “what did they think of me?” “when should I contact them again for a second date?” “what if they don’t feel the same about a second date?”  Unless there is a drastic change in attraction, the 3 Dates shouldn’t be an issue because you’ve already seen and spoken with the person before meeting to be able to determine if there is enough of a connection there to make that commitment.  The 3 Dates don’t have to be anything too time consuming either, they can be as simple as dinner, lunch, a wine tour, tree top trekking or a walk along the beach.

Why is your site important to the industry?

This site is very important because in our modern world, time is of the essence.  People just don’t have the time to invest in filtering out the anything and everything matches they receive from some of the other sites out there!  Our ideal Members are busy career minded singles who know what they want in a relationship and what kind of person they are looking for but need a way to easily find it.  It will be a refreshing change to the online dating spectrum because 3 Dates 3 Months isn’t adating site, it’s a dating concept.  One which was created to help build the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

When did the site launch?

We are doing a small trial run within the next week before we launch just to make sure everything is operating smoothly.  Once we gather the feedback from our focus group we will be good to launch and will be making the official announcement.  To add to the suspense, we have The 3 Great Dates Contest.  There will be 3 Winners and 3 Great Date Giveaways.  More information can be found on our social media outlets as well as our pre-launch site.

Who is attracted to your site? was created for the career minded individual.  The one who has a busy life with a great career, friends, family, hobbies & interests but they feel they are missing something.  They are READY to find a best friend and life partner.  They are SERIOUS about setting aside time and making EFFORT towards getting to know another person in an exclusive manner.

What’s next?

Well the next steps would be the 3 Great Date Contest and the Launch of our Dating Site.  Once launched we are committed to making sure our Members are happy with our online dating community.  There will be support systems in place as well as online resources with helpful articles.

Thanks Portia, where can people go to find out more information?

Well, you can find us on FacebookLinked InTwitter & YouTube as well as visiting our and once launched officially,

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